Tanjong Katong Primary School Amber 45

The Tanjong Katong is a primary school which was started in the year 2001 in the Tanjong Katong region in the East Region of Singapore. It is a government-owned private school that is a mixture of three schools namely Fowlie Primary, Mountbatten and Haig Boys’ Primary Schools. This school is very popular with its higher density of international students. Near about 40% of the overall strength are foreigners. Tanjong Katong Primary School is renowned as the best government-operated school in the Singapore with the highest number of student’s population.

Tanjong Katong Primary School Near to Amber 45

The overall structure of the school is well established and the school fees here is also less expensive as compared to the other international schools. The management of the school campus believes that each and every student is special in itself and they come here with their unique and special talent. So it is their foremost duty to encourage and develop their student to be the gem.

Tanjong Katong Primary School at Amber Road

It is a well-disciplined school with tremendous facilities. There are some rules that need to follow by each and every student. They are- take care of yourself, your surroundings and also take care of each and everyone that is around you. The school follows different rules that include maintaining the discipline by each and everyone, to respect everyone, understanding responsibility, perseverance, empathy and maintaining integrity.

Located very close to the East Coast Park, which a great spot to visit with both friends and family for leisure activities, what more could one ask for. Asides the vibrant park, several diners, and shops can be seen around, meaning that occupants have virtually everything they need for everyday life within close proximity. There are also numerous educational facilities around meaning families with kids will be having no problem finding good schools for their kids. Accessibility to other parts of town is also not a problem since a few bus interchanges are close by as well as a few MRT stations.

Tanjong Katong Primary School

This is such a school where a student wishes to study at such a wonderful place. The overall environment is delightful and full of prosperity. The Tanjong Katong Primary School has made its name for providing balanced education along with different types of activities that include sports, charity and other cultural activities. This school has been awarded so many times for performing social works.

The lines that have been written in the school logo is- �nothing but the best’ and this is exactly what signifies it. The school simply shows the excellence in the best manner.

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