Marine Parade Beside UOL Amber Road

Marine Parade is a planning area having around 6 sq km and around 55,000 residents located in the heart of Singapore. It is the first housing estate built on reclaimed land. A past history of Marine parade is totally linked with precinct of Katong. In the mid of 20th century, it was only for the wealthy and highly profile community of Singapore. After that Katong a specified type of sea turtle, grown and developed with architecture style that is now an extinct and renowned as a Katong Laksa dish. Finally Marine parade – a part of East coast reclamation project which was completed in 1960- 1970’s.

Marine Parade Town Amber Road

Having 58 blocks of HDB flats, a main public housing estate directly accesses to major highway and near to the Singapore Changi airport. A bird view on the residential of Marine parade shows their development. It is having a large number of the luxurious residential parts like Tanah Merah Country Club and much famous eateries.This area is equipped with all the necessary amenities and is only a short 15-20 minute drive to the city. All the residents easily enjoy the benefit of airport very close to it. UOL Group has a new Amber 45 Condo at Marin Parade Road.

Finally, purchasing an apartment in Amber 45 residence can be done in two ways-either buying from a previous hose owner who is willing to sell the property or contacting a registered real estate company to get the best of service. Prices are bound to differ depending on individual taste. Reports show that a lot of individuals are longing to own an apartment in this enclave.

Marine Parade New Condo by UOL

Highlights of Marine Parade are fort road and Patong, both are part of Mountbatten. It has five sub-zones Mountbatten, Katong, Marine Parade, East Coast and Marine East known as the rich heritage. Marine parade is a most convenient heritage where people feel like heaven as it is having all the most luxurious facilities. To support people and to serve a better environment, a political environment is also there. Goh Chock Tong – an honorable prime member of parliament represent Marina Parade division. Being a component division of Marine parade group representation constituency also includes Braddell heights.

Commercial shops, corporate offices, shopping arcades are easily available there for businessmen as well as for all the residential people for their households. To provide a highly advanced education to children of Marine Parade, primary and secondary schools are also there namely as Ngee Ann Primary School, Tao Nan School (Hokkien Huay Kuan), chang cheng high school, victoria school etc.

Amber 45 UOL Group Marine Parade

To recreate and to make residential people more convenience, a community building also completed in 2000. The building includes library and community club also. 263 Seater Theater, a glass protected gymnasium and rooftop basketball court encourages people to feel like a heaven. An air-conditioned sports hall motivates the residential people to be as sportsmen and creates athletic environment. Marine Parade is a heritage where people feel like they are living in a heaven and become a heart of Singapore with the residential estate of Singapore.

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