Former Ban Nee Chen Nursery UOL Condo

The beauty of nature is best defined with colourful landscapes abundant with various different flowers and attractive plants. And when you have such a landscape around your home, office or any other property, you are sure to make it a recognizable landmark in your city. And such places are usually crowded with people as it offers a mesmerizing view to the eyes of onlookers. That is exactly what you can get with the help of Ban Nee Chen who is a professional team of landscape designers in Singapore. Amber 45 is the former Ban Nee Chen Nursery that is acquired by UOL for a freehold development.

This road has a lot of unique and extra ordinary facilities. These facilities include club house, guard house, swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, sun desk and bar b q pits.

Ban Nee Chen Nursery

At Ban Nee Chen, you can find a colourful variety of flowers of different species and origin from across the world. You can get a landscape of various designs to suit your specific requirement and depending on your area too. Having a nice garden in your home can make your atmosphere very lively and pleasant. This can be quite relaxing just to look at those colourful flowers and makes it quite welcoming for your guests as well. So you can easily get the impression from people around you and your home can be quite recognizable in the neighbourhood.

Amber 45 Ban Nee Chen Nursery Condo

You can have a beautiful landscape even near your business place as it can attract your customers easily. No matter what the nature of your business is; when you have it well decorated, you are sure to get more visitors. Even schools can have nicely designed gardens that can be amusing for the kids and it can make the right impression on the young minds. This promotes a healthy environment for the kids in the school too.

Amber 45 Freehold Condo UOL

Even office spaces can be well-decorated with nice landscapes outside as it attracts clients and can offer a pleasant welcome to employees as well. So you can benefit in many ways by having a nice landscape around your area.

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