Amber 45 Condo Canadian International School

Established in 1990, the Canadian International School began as a day school with the aim of readying its students for a university education. Back then it was known as the Canadian Overseas College. The Canadian International School is located next to Amber 45 which is just minutes walk away from Marine Parade.

Amber 45 Condo Right Next to Canadian International School

The school began with a student body of just six with one staff member per student, since then they have changed their name to the Canadian International School and at present the student body stands at over three thousand students from seventy countries. The school offers students an education from pre-kindergarten right through to grade 12 which is taught across two campuses. The campuses are set in the east and the west of Singapore. The Tanjong Katong campus is situated in the east of the city and stands as a Singapore Heritage listed site.

In the last few years, a lot has been going on in the construction sector of the Singaporean economy, with each passing new developments springing with surprising convenience. Among these, the Amber 45 stands out as it is poised to solve quite an amazing number of housing challenges faced by the populace. The construction which takes advantage of one, two and three bedroom units is said to be designed to meet the needs of the modern day Singaporean. Having two different views, each one is set to offer the occupants a serenading view of the surrounding city and since flats are from the sixth floor, there is almost no chance of an occupant’s view being obstructed.

Canadian International School Singapore

The schools’ other campus, the Lakeside campus is a world built to facilitate learning boasting great facilities that are not just for academics but also culture (A performing arts and fine arts centre, a two storey library and a five hundred seat theatre. There is also a large focus here on sports and fitness as the campus plays host to sporting grounds, outdoor and playground facilities and even has its very own Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Canadian International School at Marine Parade

Using the wealth of facilities at their fingertips, the Canadian International School aims to “Equip students with the knowledge & skills needed to adapt & navigate the world as it changes.” Although this is by no means an easy task, this school has collected a multi-lingual and multi-talented group of teachers who are passionate about educating young minds and are determined to ready their students for the world that they will face during and long after their school years have come to an end.

The Canadian International School shows what can be done when nationalities and passions combine towards education.

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