112 Katong Shopping Centre Near to Amber 45 Condo

The 112 Katong has become a household name in Singapore because of the series of transformations the building has undergone. It is a structure that will remain most indelible in the minds of those who knew it by its former identity, Katong Mall. The 112 Katong is a remarkable seven-storey shopping mall that is situated at the eastern part of Singapore. It can be nicely spotted at the intersection of the Joo Chiat road and the East coast road. The beauty of this great architectural structure has surely come a long way. It was not as beautiful when it was first built in 1983. Back then, the beauty of the Katong Mall did not deserve a second glance and it was known as the Katong People’s Complex.

Besides the malls, Amber 45 shares proximity with some of the best schools. Chatsworth Schools is a reputable school in Singapore that welcomes diversity in cultural differences of students. Tanjong Katong is another reputable primary school that widely accepts foreign students. Both of these schools practice modern teaching patterns.

112 Katong Shopping Centre 45 Amber

For anyone who has heard about the history of the 112 katong will naturally want to ask the question “What is so significant about this building?” Or “What in the world is going on in this building?” while these are very honest questions, this building still remains one of the most comfortable places to go shopping in Singapore. If you are looking forward to one of the greatest shopping sites Singapore has to offer then you have to be at the 112 Katong. It is near to Amber 45 by UOL Group at Amber Road.

112 Katong Shopping Centre Marine Parade

There are some beautiful things that make the 112 Katong to be different from all other buildings of its kind. These things will be listed below alongside some brief explanations. Do you live in Singapore and you are planning on getting a piece of electronics? Do you realize that you can get it from the 112 Katong? The 112 Katong is capable of handling your electronics needs, as there are so many shops that deal on electronics.

112 Katong Shopping Centre 45 Amber

Unlike most other malls where you need to rack your head about where to pack your car before going in to buy whatever you want, the 112 Katong has double basement levels that are reserved for your packing. One of the objectives of the directors of the mall is to ensure that people do not have any form of parking difficulties when they arrive at the mall.

This historic building is not going to disappoint you if what you are looking for is just a place to do your bank transactions. There a couple of banks available within the premises of the 112 Katong to help you out in this regards. In addition to the services and products mentioned above, there are a host of other beautiful things you can find in the 112 Katong. This is more like a one-stop shop designed to meet your various needs.

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